5-Generation Quilt
This quilt was started in the early 1940's by my Grandmother Anna Mae Hessom, when she died in 1945 it went into her UFO basket and my mother ended up with much of her quilting supplies and fabric. At some point in time my mother worked on the quilt - she used machine sewing as opposed to my grandmother's hand stitching. When my mother moved into a senior center, the quilt was found by my sister. She doesn't quilt, so she sent it on to me. I finished putting the blocks together and added to borders. My granddaughter helped me put it together and we quilted it with our own version of big stitch quilting. It was completed in May 2009 and will be sent back to my mother.

5generation (128K)

5generationdetaij (135K)
Detail of stitching on the quilt.